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Mnemosyne Prelude – The letter of Politics or Rules for Kings

part of "The Kings – UTC 7 hours parallel performance"

Museum of European Culture

Ghasimi's seven hour-long piece The letter of politics or rules for kings is embedded within a larger show with approximately 30 performers – The Kings. This in turn is the climax and concluding event of the exhibition Insights into fleeting lives developed by Barbara Caveng and Dachil Sado, which has been running at the Museum of European Cultures since the beginning of the year.

With her title The letter of politics or rules for kings, Ghasimi chooses the call of her Persian compatriot Nizam al-Mulk (1018 – 1092 AD), this greatest amongst the grand viziers, who headed the Seljuk empire for several generations. He also wrote a book about statesmanship, which apparently influenced Macciavelli, the title of which Ghasimi has borrowed; a manual about governance and thereby about clever strategy.

At the same time, Ghasimi's performance is the second prelude for Mnemosyne. A prelude for a goddess of the future – the word 'memory' also stems from her – and a reminder that culture is always a phenomenon of dispute, syncretic crystal, a result of untold dialogues.

More information about the performance

More information about the exhibition

Photos by: Max Schwarzmann

Rules for Kings Performance 1
Rules for Kings Performance 4
Rules for Kings Performance 5
Rules for Kings Performance 6
Rules for Kings Performance 7
Rules for Kings Performance 8
Rules for Kings Performance 10
Rules for Kings Performance 13
Rules for Kings Performance 16
Rules for Kings Performance 18
Rules for Kings Performance 20
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Coming God Titelbild

Coming God
خداوند آزادى

On the 9th of November several things take place. One of those is the 3rd celebration within the exhibition Engel mit Sphinx Gesichten.

On the tar the instrumentalist of classical persian music Elshan Ghasimi welcomes us in duett with Alessandro Rauschmann. The performance artist who is better known as the URBANIST. Joint they create the ritual and performance The Coming God.

The performance is part of Engel mit Sphinx Gesichten // Xenien 1 by Bublitz & Michal Martychowiec.

Photos by: Max Schwarzmann, Stefan Hähnel and Hilarion Manero

Coming God Performance 1
Coming God Performance 2
Coming God Performance 3
Coming God Performance 4
Coming God Performance 5
Coming God Performance 6
Coming God Performance 7
Coming God Performance 8
Coming God Performance 9
Coming God Performance 10
Coming God Performance 11
Coming God Performance 12
Coming God Performance 13
Coming God Performance 14
Coming God Performance 15
Coming God Performance 16
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Cathedral Performance Titelbild



Photos by: Max Schwarzmann

Cathedral Performance 1
Cathedral Performance 2
Cathedral Performance 3
Cathedral Performance 4
Cathedral Performance 5
Cathedral Performance 6
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