Elshan Ghasimi is a Persian musician and performance artist. She is one of the most well-known soloists of her generation; her instrument is the tar, a long-necked lute.

She was, at 17, the youngest member of the Iranian National Orchestra and studied the Persian and the so- called Caucasian tar under various masters in Tehran and Baku (Mohammad-Reza Lotfi, Dariush Talai and Hossein Alizadeh, amongst others).

In her compositions and performances, Ghasimi repeatedly draws on literary themes (e.g. Brecht, Gilgamesch, Nizām al-Mulk) and seeks to merge classical Persian music with Western paradigms through collaborations transcending genres (early music, jazz, electronic music).

Ghasimi lives and works in Berlin and Tehran.

Training and Memberships

Tehran conservatory of Music

Member of Iran's National Orchestra | 1998-2006

University of Art and Sculpture, Tehran, Iran

PhD, Music Academy, Baku, Azerbaijan

Teacher in Zand, Nikahang, Kimia School. Tehran, Iran | 2009-2016

Member of Bublitz Thesaurós | 2016




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